Uninstall of Insert After

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Uninstall of Insert After

Post by Protopia »

I have a problem with uninstalling mods which have all inserted lines with Insert After statement in includes/constants.php at the same point.

So, mod1 inserts some mod1 lines after "// Additional tables" then mod2 inserts some mod2 lines after the same "// Additional tables".

Then I want to uninstall mod1 - and Automod looks for "// Additional tables" followed by the mod1 lines - but can't find it because the mod2 lines have been inserted inbetween.

My question is whether Automod needs to include the Insert After line when deciding to delete the mod1 lines or not - in most cases it seems to me that it could just delete the inserted lines - but I would guess that there might possibly be cases that this would break something.

I imagine the way to fix this is to remove the mods in reverse order i.e. mod2 followed by mod1 and then reinstall mod2. The difficulty is remembering the order that the mods were installed in the first place.

So my questions are:

1. Does Automod need to look for the exact lines inc. e.g. the "// Additional tables" line or can it just delete the lines inserted?

2. Can Automod please display the installed mods in order they were installed rather than Alphabetic order?

3. When Automod displays the list of installed mods, can it show the date of install?


Some mods also bracket their changes with BEGIN and END comments like so:

// BEGIN xxxxxxxxxx Mod
mod lines
// END xxxxxxxxxx Mod

If this was made a requirement rather than an option would it help with point 1. above?



P.S. I hope that this post is understandable - apologies if I have not explained clearly what I was trying to get across.
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Re: Uninstall of Insert After

Post by Sajaki »

that's the thing with Automod, if you uninstall Mod 1 it does the previous change of Mod 1 in reverse.

If in the mean time, Mod 2 changed the file so that the mod 1 changes are affected, even just a little bit, Mod 1 can't be uninstalled.

Bracketing changes isn't a solution for this.

Always uninstall in reverse order of installation.

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