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"Fatal error..." from AutoMOD

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 3:24 am
by MattHeffron
I'm upgrading from phpBB 2 (inherited) to phpBB 3.
I've installed the phpBB 3 beside the phpBB 2 using phpbb3_ as the new table name prefix.
It seems to be working.
I need the Calendar functionality, so I found the Calendar 0.1.1 MOD.
I installed UMIL-1.0.5 and then AutoMOD-1.0.2. (Configured for .zip upload)
It all seemed to be correct.
Using the ACP MODS page, I uploaded the file
and then on the ACP page I selected to Install the Calendar MOD.

I get the following error:
Fatal error: Call to a member function set_file() on a non-object in /..../htdocs/phpBB3/includes/mod_parser.php on line 56
There is no additional content provided with the error.

(The ISP is running PHP 5.4)

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
Matt Heffron

I have not updated the table name references in the file from `phpbb_...` to `phpbb3_...`.