Nobody here can help me? (Plz, I am in trouble)

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Nobody here can help me? (Plz, I am in trouble)

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As I told you before, I don't speak English well...
So I am so anxious that you might misunderstand my trouble.
But I have to solve this problem...
I already spent the whole time of this weekend on solving this by myself.
But, I can't solve it. Can you help me out?

The problem seems to be simple.
All I want is to remove the right margin of an linked image.
I don't know why it happens. :cry:
All I find out is that margin is probably connected with upper menu icon, because when I log in as an admin it grow smaller than as an normal member. (For your understanding, I attached the images.)

Please, help me.
This is too DIFFICULT for me to solve by myself.
I am waiting for your help..... and, thank you for reading my article.
Have a good day...... :D

PS : I have been reading all articles which might be related to this. So, I finally found out the person who was worried with the same problem. Read this plz. ... age+margin

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try contacting the creator of the style. it looks like solaris from what i can see.
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