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Re: Test help my : Warhammer theme >>

Post by cozmicshredder »

JohanLM wrote:http://www.johanlm.com/warforum/

Need som basic testing for the theme I am currently building for Warhammer Online.
It is at this moment about 80% done, most stuff that still need work is in the ACP though.
But the regular guest/member sections are 'done'.

Just need some minor bugtracking and feedback.

This is made for the latest versions of FF & IE, I don't care for the older versions and won't adapt for it either. :roll: ;)

Will you make this for phpbb3?
(I know I prob. get this question so I answer it right now. 8-) )
When the CMS system I use has finished it's beta that can handle phpbb3 I most likely will, but until then, then prob. not. Maybe ...
Hey release it for MXP so far I am digging the PHPBB3 Dev Release!

If all goes well I might migrate all my other CMS sites over really soon!

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Re: Test help my : Warhammer theme >>

Post by gec5741 »

This theme kicks butt. I just wish I could find a full php site that was like this or somethign that I could use along with this. I wan't to eventually incorporate more features to our site other then just forums. WarDB let's you add in your guild roster and such wich would go along great with this. again I just wish I could find a theme that matches or looked as good as this to put them both together.

Can't wait for the theme however!

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Re: Test help my : Warhammer theme >>

Post by Thymon »


Not compatible with PhpPortal IMO, Isn't it ?

Because I would like to use your theme to my website : www.guilde-graoulis.fr

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Re: Test help my : Warhammer theme >>

Post by malcomhfc »

U gave up?

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Re: Test help my : Warhammer theme >>

Post by smoop »

I think he got the help he needed and hasnt come back to this site. which is a shame as this is the best Warhammer Online theme I have seen. I even tried PM'ing him and emailing him as well with no reply. I would even be willing to pay for this theme if he was willing to sell it to me.

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Re: Test help my : Warhammer theme >>

Post by barbarianrage »

This is the Warhammer Online phpBB theme that we made. Enjoy the theme guys!

Demo Link:


Download Link:



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