[UPDATED] Bluetabs template(for phpbb2.0.6)

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Post by ProducersOnly.com »

Do you have a grey , black and white version to match this scheme ( www.pixelcatch.com/1226. Hit me up via email ( twelvetwentysix@hotmail.com )

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FF8Jake wrote: @Moonwolf: Most likely the Disable Registration MOD is what caused the problem. Either there is an error, or you made a mistake in the .tpl file it asked you to edit. So far no one has had this error, so i'd say its the latter. :)

I found the error the MOD install instructions had a small typo in it. The person who made the MOD for me must have made a typo in their install file. I fixed the typo and it works like a charm now. It had my mind boggled for hours then I just suddenly realized there was a typo and I was staring right at it the whole time. lol Thanks for your help.

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Post by ElMatrix »

I have installed the shop mod, i am almost positive i didnt screw up(i have installed it many times before) but this is the first time with blue tabs

my user glow is not working

does this maybe have to do with the theme, or with my installation?

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Post by FF8Jake »

Check for problems with your installation in viewtopic_body.tpl. Alot of files in Bluetabs(as well as other templates) are the exact same as subSilver, so I highly doubt it is a problem with the template.

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white font

Post by rainbowdawn1 »

hi, i love the template, thanks! But a few people complained that the black font on the blue background is hard to read. How can I make it white? I tried to do it but I messed the whole thing up, especially considering that when the font on the bulletin board was white, i couldn't read the font in the administration panel. thanks so much for your help and here is my site if you want to see what i'm talking about


thanks, dawn

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Post by FF8Jake »

Hello Dawn :)

You are using the phpnuke version of Bluetabs, which, contrary to what the copyrights suggest, I didn't help with. It was used without my permission. :P

I'd love to offer support for it, but I don't know much about the inner workings of *nuke, and I don't want to know. *nuke is buggy/insecure and from what i've seen, it doesn't do a very good job at what it's supposed to do.

You can see what a default install of Bluetabs looks like here, combined with my Xoops CMS install.

If I were you, i'd drop *nuke, get something like Xoops, e107(not so sure about this one, but it looks better than *nuke), or Movabletype, and link it to a default phpbb only install.

I'd really love to help, but I am very anti-*nuke. Goodluck. :)

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Post by fujiwara takumi »

i dunno if anyone has done this already but i just spent about 20 mins making a quick reply and Upload Pic button to go with the quick reply box. any and all are welcome to it. thanks.

Image Image

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Post by Fatz_z »

I know!!

It,s really weird, and when I'm using another template, everything is fine... really really weird... anyone as seen this kind of bug?

Odd as it may be, I have this same problem and only with Bluetabs. I love this template style but for some I can't select text when using it, Subsilver works though. I have added a number of mods so I figure that must have caused it somewhere down the line. Would it be a problem in one of the .css files? Does anyone know where to look in the code for something that would cause this type of behaviour?


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Post by mcangeli »

Does anyone have the blank logo for this theme??

Can't find it anywhere and its the last piece of the puzzle.


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Post by Pryach »

I'm looking for a blank logo as well ...

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Post by no1wooder »

where is the link to download it like?
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Post by Thatbitextra »

The style is available here.
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