Images for ranks

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Images for ranks

Post by Nico...pout »

I need some images for the special ranks !
Actually, the moderator's rank can be illustrated by Image
I'm the "administrator"(or developer ?) of a forum and I've no image to illustrate my rank. Moreover, I would like to find other images for other ranks but of the same style as above..
That's why I would like to have some examples of images which can illustrate different ranks and especially for the administrator
Thank you !


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Post by yonderboy »

check my site i have some new ranks what u need but i did not upload yet.
or check

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Post by invader »

well if your forum is gaming-centric, you could always use my custom rank images...

PM me if you need further info - here's a list of the rank image sets:

* galaxian
* pacman
* 1943
* bomberman
* frogger
* ghosts 'n' goblins
* space harrier
* truxton

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Post by Fox-1 »

yonderboy wrote: check my site i have some new ranks what u need but i did not upload yet.
or check

You got some nice stuff there mate! :D


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