Any lovely person willing to help me?

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Any lovely person willing to help me?

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Hi guys, I havent long made a website and I havent long added forums to the website.

My host doesnt support some things you need to install PHPBB3 so i've had to go with PHPBB2 (free from the cPanle of my web host)

Just wondering if I could use a PHPBB3 style for a PHPBB2 forum? If I cant, does anyone know of a PHPBB2 style thats close to the defult PHPBB3 style or [removed] Orange, green and glossy! (

Thanks alot for all your help and for reading this post.

P.S I wouldnt be asking for help if I knew how to add or edit styles for forums. (I know nothing about them hah)

Thankyou! :geek:
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Re: Any lovely person willing to help me?

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