Mass Deleting Private Messages

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Mass Deleting Private Messages

Post by mysterio32 »

Hi all.

I've done a search not only on here, but also on google, to be able to mass delete private messages.

I recently set up a forum for the partially sighted, being blind in one eye myself (not sure that has any bearing on proceedings, but just to get your sympathy vote haha!)

Anyway, I was spammed by .cc and .ru domains amongst others. I've installed Mass Delete Users Mod, and also the Anti Spam mod (brilliant thanks) via easymod.

I've only got 500mb webspace, and my DB is still showing 300mb, with only 27 users onboard and not many posts at all!

Im assuming the DB Size is caused by PM's?

Can anyone help me manipulate (and delete) the DB to delete the PM's please?

It would also be useful to have a mod to be able to read the PM's going forward, should I need it.

MANY thanks for your time.

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Re: Mass Deleting Private Messages

Post by darcie »

Hi and welcome,

You have posted in the 2.0.x Styles Development & Discussion forum, while the subject of your post has nothing to do with styling your forum. If you have posted here due to all other 2.0.x forums being closed, I must alert you that support for the phpBB2 line of forums has now ended. We are unable to provide answers to any support questions regarding these forums, other than to assist you in converting to phpBB3. You may however search here in the archived forums for similar questions, or turn to Google for unofficial sites still offering support.

If you posted here in error and need support for a 3.0.x board, or you would like to convert your 2.0.x board to the current release, please let us know and we will move your topic to the appropriate location.
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