need help with inserting a PHP forum into my website..

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need help with inserting a PHP forum into my website..

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I'm working on a new website for my World of Warcraft guild and I want to use the current forum and insert it into my design.
The website isn't online yet but I have a screenshot of it:
Screenshot website:
Current forum:

The website is build with CSS-styles.
For the forum.html file im planning the remove the right gray box so I will have a width of 800px to work with.

I tried already to 'insert' the forum with iframes but that doesn't give a nice result and problems like if you want to see a topic that the 'real' forum opens in another window.

After some research I found that I have to modify the overall_header.tpl and overall_footer.tpl, but then another question came to me...How does the forum knows that he needs to use the changed files?

Anyway can anyone help me?

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