dedicated headers for specific forums

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alan keys
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dedicated headers for specific forums

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2.0.23. I have two forums but wish to have different headers on each forum. I therefore set the following in /includes/page_header.php - so that I could call two different headers

// Parse and show the overall header.
// 1 = index header
// 2 = overall header
if ($header_choose == 1){
'overall_header' => ( empty($gen_simple_header) ) ? 'index_header.tpl' :

} else if ($header_choose == 2){
'overall_header' => ( empty($gen_simple_header) ) ? 'overall_header.tpl' :


But I need to make the differentiation between f=1 or f=2 in the root files....

I need to assign

$header_choose = 1; or
$header_choose = 2; within root files. But that has to tie up with f=1 or f=2

Can someone pls just put the last bit in the jigsaw....
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Re: dedicated headers for specific forums

Post by ameeck »

Support for phpBB2 is no longer provided. If you need help converting to phpBB3, please make a new topic in the 3.0.x Support forum. Thank you :)

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