Accessible templates/style sheets

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Accessible templates/style sheets

Post by katt »

I guess its not really so much of a mod request as a style/template issue.

How about requiring that templates/style sheets are accessible? The subsilver template looks really nice but all the fonts are fixed which makes the board difficult to read for those with impaired vision. How about a subsilver with relative font sizes - or templates generally with relative font sizes?

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Post by LifeIsPain »

As this is a Styles issue, moving to Styles Discussion.

This is a known thing with subSilver. The subSilverish template of phpBB 2.2 (when it comes out, no release date) will be done with relative font sizes, but there are other options for now.

You can simply edit subSilver.css and change the values to relative values. Just search for "pt" in the file and change the value (if you know how to do this). Also, I am mostly sure I remember there being an "accessible" style for 2.0, but I don't remember what it was called.

Finally, look into using another browser other than Internet Explorer. Many other browsers such as Opera and Firebird support zooming in on "fixed" text much better (I believe Firebird does the better job of the two).
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Name: Vjacheslav Trushkin

Post by Arty »

Vjacheslav Trushkin / Arty.
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Post by Kail »

I designed Cobalt 2.0 with font sizes set in points, in contrast to subSilver which has fixed pixel sizes, to allow font scaling in browsers. If you're looking for a techie look, Cobalt 3.0 might be what you need.

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