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Post by SAK ` »

Love the style! :D
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Post by FudgeBalls2002 »

This is my favorite style. Would it be possible to have it available in different colors like how you offer your other templates like red, green, purple, etc...
Freestyle XL
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Post by Freestyle XL »


I will not be creating any new styles or color schemes because I have sold my website to CyberAlien, but he has all psd files so maybe he will create new color schemes.
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Post by DumbassJake »

how did you get the cool check box?
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Name: Vjacheslav Trushkin

Post by Arty »

DumbassJake wrote: how did you get the cool check box?

He used this: http://www.phpbbstyles.com/viewtopic.php?t=7260
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Post by manne »

Very nice style! :)
Is there a chance to get the psd-file and make some swedish buttons: "New Topic"-button etc?

If I make them, maybe you could include them in the download, if that is of interest?
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Alignment Issue

Post by Simplyblue »

Hi guys. Great style and I love it! Just a slight issue that we are having on our forums with column alignments -

phpBB 2.0.18

Pic 1 (Not logged in)

Pic 2 (Logged in)

As you can see the Topics and Posts columns don't line up for certain forums, but when you login that particular forum aligns and others don't. I'm really puzzled of what the reason could be.

The only changes I made to the index_body.tpl were -


Code: Select all

	<caption><table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%" class="forumheader">
		<td align="left" valign="bottom" width="25"><img src="templates/AcidTechTiger/images/hdr_left.gif" width="25" height="27" alt="" /></td>
		<td align="left" class="forumheader-mid"><a href="{catrow.U_VIEWCAT}">{catrow.CAT_DESC}</a></td>
		<td align="right" valign="bottom" width="25"><img src="templates/AcidTechTiger/images/hdr_right.gif" width="25" height="27" alt="" /></td>
Added {catrow.CAT_DESC} to -

Code: Select all

	<th colspan="2">{catrow.CAT_DESC}</th>
	<th width="50">{L_TOPICS}</th>
	<th width="50">{L_POSTS}</th>
I also reverted back to the original index_body.tpl but the problem persists. This happens in both IE and Firefox. I'd appreciate any help you guys can give me to figure this out.
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Post by THE WES MAN »

Freestyle XL wrote: Greetings,

I will not be creating any new styles or color schemes because I have sold my website to CyberAlien, but he has all psd files so maybe he will create new color schemes.

WOW. hate to see that, frankly I consider you one of the best designers around here, you know you want to make more :P
anyways totally love this style. 'scuse the language but you fuckin' rock! :)

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