[Release] Counter-Strike (1.0.1) styles

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Re: [Release] Counter-Strike (1.0.1) styles

Post by Thatbitextra »

Edit templates/cs/images/hdr_mid.gif and templates/cs/images/cell.gif.
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Re: [Release] Counter-Strike (1.0.1) styles

Post by GemViper »

click on the copyright author link, it goes to a site that owns several other sites, one of them is called colorize-it... you can change the colors quickly online from there.
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Re: [Release] Counter-Strike (1.0.1) styles

Post by bucsrno1 »

I`m using phpbbb 3.0.2. :?:
My question is do you know of a CounterStrike style that`ll work with phpbbb 3.0.2?
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Re: [Release] Counter-Strike (1.0.1) styles

Post by wired076 »

Are you going to be creating a 3.0.x version of this style??

If not could I please have permission to use the images to create a phpBB 3.0.x version of this style?

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