Help! Style attempt crashed my site!

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Help! Style attempt crashed my site!

Post by lahlumdi »

Help! Today I downloaded the style DAJ_Glass to our week old forum. I went to the area of admin for style. I looked at the tutorial. I tried to do the export. It said something about not being able to do that. So I logged out as administrator figuring I'd just settle for sub silver... I had posted a question at the DAJ_Glass forum area (with no response yet)... and thought I'd wait for an answer. Trying to go back to the forum to check on questions, etc, I got this on my screen.
phpBB : Critical Error

Could not open DAJ_Glass_1.0.9 template config file


Line : 454
File : functions.php
I can do NOTHING to get back to the forum, on my computer or on anyone else's. I'm not sure what happened??? I am not an expert online. I was working with smartlogic and their webbuilder program. I'm not an htmler.

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Re: Help! Style attempt crashed my site!

Post by wwwDIVISIONSTorg »

i had this problem earlier when i created a new template.

but now mine is working :-) i'd suggest deleting the style foler, and reuploading the ORGINAL LAYOUT FILES and hitting refresh - i bet it'll work then ;)

and be more cautious when you edit your files.

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