How to integrate forum into own website layout

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How to integrate forum into own website layout

Post by AdRock952 »

I am very new to trying to style phpBB to match my own website and am really stuck.

Basically, I have a 2 column centered layout for my site with a header at the top, a left column for the navigation, the right column holds the page content etc and a footer at the bottom of the page.

What I would like to do is have the phpBB forum open up in just the right content column so it really looks like it gets included in the content div. I understand that this can't be done but how do I style the tpl_header so the layout is the same as my website . I have attached an image of what my website layout looks like as you can't link directly to webstes.

i can include my css for the layout if anybody needs to look at it.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I have never done this before and all previous attempts have failed miserably
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Re: How to integrate forum into own website layout

Post by Greenweaver »

Yes, you do have a problem. I would suggest the best option for you to use would be to use the html <iframe> tags. It would work like so:

Get yourself a new page set up (the one you want to board to be on), keep the design as you normally would for all your other pages, then it the right hand side content column add something like this:

Code: Select all

<div><iframe src ="link to board location in here"width="600px" height="400px"></iframe></div>
Now with the code above you will need to use some accuracy, so you will first need to edit the "src" reference to the location of your phpBB, adjust the height and width dimensions also so that it does not break your page layout. This will give you the effect you are looking for.

The downside to this will be that you will need to compensate the expanding height of your phpBB with scroll bars, but none the less it is still and effective result.
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Re: How to integrate forum into own website layout

Post by lee2am »

Dear all,

Ive tried to add my forum using html code box in my web page .

and type

<div><iframe src =""width="600px" height="400px"></iframe></div>

and it failed.

Please help guys.
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Re: How to integrate forum into own website layout

Post by efficacious »

what happen when it failed?

you may have to set the style width as well.

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Re: How to integrate forum into own website layout

Post by THE Nemesis »

resolved thanks
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Re: How to integrate forum into own website layout

Post by blackpoolwebdesign »

Hi there,

I have just integrated the board to my website and found your guide easy to follow, so I just want to say a big thanks.

Next step is to customise it's Wish me luck!



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