Trouble with tables and SubSilver

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Name: Gordon Hemsley

Post by GPHemsley » Sat Apr 19, 2003 3:10 pm

Sorry, can't help you then.... I can't find anywhere else that says 10px. I might be something that's not shown on the source code of the final, put-together forum.

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Post by Nenad » Sat Apr 19, 2003 3:19 pm

Oh i'll find it somewhere but thx alot for you're help, i got so stuck on such a rubbish little detail. Thanks again.

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Post by DMartin » Tue Apr 22, 2003 9:08 pm

Not sure, but I think that little bit of space is there by default. I think you can make it go away by defining body margins of 0. (don't quote me on this -- I'm not positive.) In fact, I think I have had to set negative margins before to get everything lined up just right.
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