[Release] Odyssey1.0

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[Release] Odyssey1.0

Post by willmullis »

Just released my first template Odyssey1.0. Would love some feedback!

Demo: [link removed - this is not demo forum - CyberAlien]

Download http://flytyingforum.com/Odyssey1.0.zip
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Post by UnspokenDesigns »

I really like this theme. In my eyes, it has really gone in a different direction then most of the phpBB2 themes. Keep up the good work.
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Post by SK »

Nice style. Well done.
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Post by Laced »

style looks very nice. Good job
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Post by c242 »

Finally a different one. Nice !
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Post by Trust »

Looks nice to me :)
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Post by [d3]Messiah »

good job man!!! original some wat!! :lol:
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Post by retroworld »

it's pretty nice, i only don't like the grey row-colors....
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Post by darkrank »

Yes... its ok, but the grey isn't really fine :D
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Post by danielt2 »

Nice theme :-)

The Home link at the top-left screen not work properly ;-)
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Post by ionsurge »

A pretty good attempt, pretty squashed together imo.
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Post by bozz »

That's a lovely theme, Will.

Unfortunately, when I go to the admin config page, the text boxes have white backgrounds and white text, so I can't read what their values are. I haven't checked anywhere else in the theme yet, but it's a problem.
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Post by nineball »

Great theme :D
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Post by ZoliveR »

Very nice!
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Post by Illusion »

Is link broken? :cry:

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