Problems with linking image mods

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Problems with linking image mods

Post by jsmoke222000 »

I am using 2.0.23. I have installed the User-Friendly IMG input MOD & it does not seem to be working. When I click on the IMG box, the popup window opens & asks you to place your image URL in the box. Then you place the URL in the box & click ok, the box disapears but the bbcode is not displayed in the posting body?

I also added Hayk's Super Quick Reply MOD thinking that this would fix the problem, but it did not.

I have downloaded the Insert bbcode phpbb2 equal to the phpbb3 MOD. Will this mod change the way images are posted/linked to my board?

Basically I would like to install a mod that will create a popup window for the image URL when the image button is clicked just like the User-Friendly IMG input MOD was supposed to do. I am also looking for the same type of mod for linking URL's. Is there a MOD that will do all of this?
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Re: Problems with linking image mods

Post by MHobbit »


The MODs in Development forum is not a place for creating threads to facilitate support for modifications. The phpBB Modifications Team does not have a dedicated modifications support team as such, so to help facilitate receiving of support, we require you to posts all requests in the thread dedicated to that modification. That means if the modification you require support from is in the MODDB, please post your support request in the modification's release thread in the MOD Database Releases forum. For modifications still in development, post your support request as a reply to the development thread of the modification in the MODs in Development forum. This will allow the author of the modification to quickly find your support request or problems with their modification and to help you out or to fix the problem with the modification.

If you found the modification at a site other than, please note that we don't have a place here where you can receive support for that MOD. You will have to contact the author, either at their site or personally, for further support or information. The modification (when downloaded) will contain the author's contact information.


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The phpBB Modifications Team
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No private support is offered.
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