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MOD Template policy change, the MOD Author Line

Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2004 4:11 am
by wGEric
Starting immediately, an email address in the MOD Template (MOD Author line) won't be required for MODs to be accepted into the MOD Database. Only your username is required now.

In the past we were denying MODs if the MOD Template didn't have an email address in the MOD Author line. We (the MOD Team) feel that this isn't needed anymore because we have access to user's email address. If any user needs support, he or she can PM the author here at or use the emailer that is enabled on this board (click on the email button in the users profile or in one of his or her posts).

You can read more information on the MOD Author line here

Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2004 4:53 am
by smithy_dll
Those using the latest MOD Studio can just leave the e-mail field blank without causing errors,

However, placing strings other than a valid e-mail string will be classed as invalid (e.g. `N/A`).

You should manually add the N/A to the author line using notepad before submitting to the MOD DB, this error will be corrected in the next version of MOD Studio.

Thank you

Posted: Wed May 04, 2005 9:41 am
by AbelaJohnB
Hey Guys,

This is great news! Less our email is out there getting splatter around the world the less spam we have to deal with!

Thanks for making the switch to not requiring an email address!