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New Project using phpBB Template System, but need help!

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2005 12:56 am
by =cipher=

Ok. Im running into some errors with my coding, but my coding seems to be fine, its the output. My green buttons / mouseover functions for the header part of my website are not being aligned right or are not aligning correctly. I have six buttons, and one always drops down, but the others are spread apart. And I need to get them all close together and all six on the same horizontal line type thing. Also, this is a new type of project Im working on and when I built / designed the template, it worked fine with just one HTML file, but now since I have broken it into overall_header.tpl, index_body.tpl and now a overall_footer.tpl it causes errors. See image for example of what I mean, and the coding I have used for the overall_header.tpl file.


Added Comments: I have tried this in Mozilla also and it works fine. Image above is from IE.
Added Comments: The CSS I have used for this DIV is:

Code: Select all

#top {
margin:0px auto 0px auto;