[PROPOSED] Versions on Editing

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[PROPOSED] Versions on Editing

Post by Wyld » Wed Dec 14, 2005 2:57 am

Greets ..

I am considering the creation of a MOD that is able to retain previous content of edited posts. My initial thoughts would be to create a new table which would contain a timestamp of the change, and the content of the previous post. Access to this data would be available via the post itself, and via the admin area. Not sure about permissions, but I think admin and moderator makes sense, with an optional "author" option.

By offloading to a seperate table, I suspect this would help provide minimal impact to the databaseand codebase, allowing it to be integrated fairly easily.

Extra hooks that I see would be needed include linking into the post deletion code to allow the deletion of previous versions of the post (would need to be incorporated into the autoprune as well).

Would also need to have the ability to delete previous versions on request of the admin or potentially mod.

If people think such a mod would be use to the community, or more importantly, have any advice or ideas on what else this mod would need to incorporate, please add your comments. I have about 5 ideas for mods and I'm in the process of documenting the conceptual workflow to produce them.

And yes, any mod that I write will work with EasyMOD where possible.
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Post by poyntesm » Wed Dec 14, 2005 9:29 am

Personally I would use a MOD like this. It has been something I had been planning to write once I had the time.

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