Question on portal layout for everyone

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Question on portal layout for everyone

Post by barshemm » Tue Aug 20, 2002 12:21 am

What do people want in a portal in its blocks and the layout. By blocks I mean the menus that can be on the left and right side of the center of the page. Mainly I am wonder should those blocks be visible on all pages, just certain pages, or what?

Currently my ideas for a blocks system involve a configurable system that allows new blocks to be added easily. But where and when should they be shown?

Should the just be visible on the mainpage? If so I can have show_blocks(left) at the top of the main index.php, and show_blocks(right) at the bottom.

I can then also configure blocks to be shown on any other page at will, just by adding those 2 lines to any file.

Another idea is to have them visble anywhere. So show_blocks(left) would be in the page_header.php, and show_blocks(right) would be in the footer.

Perhaps this could be configurable by definitions in each page somehow. I would of course have to figure this part out later. I'm still working on getting blocks working at all atm.

I'm just looking for opinions now on what people would like to see. My personal opinion is that forums look kinda... scrunched is the best word I can come up with, when the blocks are on either side. But that may be personal taste from looking at raw forums for so long. Depending on your template, blocks can be small font, thus reducing their width too.

Please post some opinions. :)

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