Click "SUBMIT" and have the button disabled???

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Click "SUBMIT" and have the button disabled???

Post by itsallgood »

Hi guys, i've looked in the .tpl file for posting.php

And notice this:

formObj.submit.disabled = true;

Is there anway to make the button become disabled in a grayed out sense (alla ebay), where the buttons text turns to "please wait..." and you cannot click it?

I would love somthing simple that could just be put into the checkForm function

Cheers guys.
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Post by Manipe »

In posting_body.tpl, find this:

Code: Select all

		//formObj.preview.disabled = true;
		//formObj.submit.disabled = true;
		return true;
Uncomment out the two lines (Only the second one if you want to have the preview button clickable. Then add this BEFORE the "return true;"

Code: Select all

formObj.submit.value = 'Please wait...';
This will change the text from submit to Please wait. I suggest adding a language variable, to improve combatilbility accross langs.
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