Is sql_fetchrowset a phpbb function???

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Is sql_fetchrowset a phpbb function???

Post by itsallgood »

Hi guys,

I'm having a go at sql and php without using the phpbb builtinfunctions,

I've been able to do this:


Which gives me everything one-after-another,

But this doesnt work:


I really like to be able to use this $row[1]['name'] -- but i cannot seem to do it without phpbb???

How do you count how many results you have using just the mysql_fetch_row($result)???

Thanks so much.

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Post by drathbun »

There is no "native" MySQL function to do that, as far as I know. If you look at the db/mysql4.php code you'll see that $db->sql_fetchrowset() is simply calling the "fetch_array" command within a loop and assigning the results to an array.
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