Need some php assitance with my 1st ever mod

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Post by pobz » Mon Oct 07, 2002 7:41 am

Mod is complete and working now, but how do i submit it??????

I have been to the downloads section but there is nothing their.

The template is done and everything is zipped up ready.

[edit] Sorted i have found out where and submitted it.

Many thanks to all who have helped.

You can view the current version working at


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Re: Need some php assitance with my 1st ever mod

Post by .::Neo::. » Sat Oct 12, 2002 9:29 pm

pobz wrote:

I need some help with the above site as my php knowledge is minimal.

I took somebody elses mod for a guest pop up, that would check for guests and pop up a window asking them to register.

I didn`t like the look of it and decided to make my own, whilst addresing some of the problems of the original one.

I made mine include the layout of sub silver so it blended in better.
I only made it pop up on the index page not on every window refresh.
I made it close the popup when the option was selected and it re-directs the main window to either registration or forgotton password.

My problem is if you actually have a login username and password you cant seem to enter it in the popup, i assume it needs to point at a certain item, but i dont know what.

Any help would be appriciated as when i`m finished i will put it up for the mod database as i think its a worthwhile mod.


I created the Guest Pop Up MOD,
Could you tell me about the problems you encountered so i can make the next version beter.

(BTW in the next version there will be al login/register option.)
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