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Post by dannyw » Tue Jul 16, 2002 5:36 pm

2.2 MS Access 2000/XP
Before you install phpBB 2.0, you need to create a Data Source Name. The exact way to do this will depend on your hosting provider; if you are unsure you should check with them before proceeding. In general though, you should create a System DSN which points to the location where you have stored an unzipped copy of the ms_access_primer.mdb file ( can be found in db/schemas/). The name you give this DSN will be used during installation. Do not proceed until this step is complete!

how do i create a system DSN??

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Post by Jazzer9999 » Tue Jul 16, 2002 6:23 pm

I answered it in ur other post, ^ there somewhere. Dude, u dont need to create a new topic saying the exact same thing for the exact same thing!
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