[ABD] Styles Demo MODv1.0.0b

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Dark Frost
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[ABD] Styles Demo MODv1.0.0b

Post by Dark Frost »

Modification Name: Styles Demo MODv1.0.0b
Author: Frost

Modification Description:: This MOD will add a Styles Demo to your board in a neat and categorized mannor. Your members will be able to view categories of styles, information about them as well as screenshots.

Modification Version:: 1.0.0b

- Style demo that is inside your phpbb based off the faq page.
- No need to set up an addition website just to show styles and downloads. Allow guests to change styles and you have an all in one solution.
- No dealing with tons of complicated html pages.
- Ability to show your members you are offering an updated version.
- Ability to show 3 quick screenshots utilizing the built in "Greybox" method.
- Option of editing a style on the fly using the language editor built into the ACP. ( ACP => System => Language packs => British English * => help_styles_demo.php => Select)
- If your member knows the style he/she is looking for, they can get to it quickly by clicking that style in the top category list.
- Predefined style options including, "Style: Name, Author(s), Version, Version of phpbb it supports, PSDs included, matching images and a short description"
- Very easy to see and find buttons for a live demo and download, both configurable to whatever links you wish.
- Link to demo added in overall_header for easy access quickly.
- + Many more... (This is getting too long)

Demo URL: http://white-fusion.com/phpbb/styles_demo.php?

Modification Download: http://www.white-fusion.com/downloads/S ... 1_0_0b.zip

In the future I will add a way to edit the Categories and styles from the acp, just haven't got the bugs worked out.

If anyone has any ideas on how I should do this, by all means, feel free to pm me.

p.s.: I'm a style designer, not a modder :lol:

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Re: [BETA] Styles Demo MODv1.0.0b

Post by Karl1987 »

mmmm this mod is modify form ACP ??? not understand, please helpme

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Re: [BETA] Styles Demo MODv1.0.0b

Post by bigb013 »

he said it is on his things to do list

to add ACP funcionality

and he needs help from some of coders with this (to add ACP functionality)

anyway i would like to see this fully working asap :P

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Re: [BETA] Styles Demo MODv1.0.0b

Post by Mitch1063 »

I would like to see this working myself only problem I for see is my main forum is heavily modded, so that would mean that I would have to add all the mods to all of the styles I would want to put online. Now for the Stargate Portal Styles Site it would mean editing 25+ styles.
I would use it for the demo site as the mod becomes stable

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Re: [BETA] Styles Demo MODv1.0.0b

Post by cstools.net »

Links Off

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Re: [ABD] Styles Demo MODv1.0.0b

Post by A_Jelly_Doughnut »

And Frost hasn't been here in many months, we'll assume the MOD is abandoned.
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