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Re: [RC2] Visitors Today (1.0.4)

Post by ikaroweb »

I've installed the mod and works fine. :mrgreen:
But i've a problem with the cpa, when i change settings and i want save it the cpa show a white page.
How can i fix it? :(
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Re: [RC2] Visitors Today (1.0.4)

Post by Anti.Social »

Well, I must say: I'm suprised to see that this mod is still sort of alive. I have been WAY busy with real life since before phpBB3 went gold ( I think the last version I was around for was rc3? ). Right now I'm currently working on rebuilding (and now, updating) the website this was originally hosted on (and coded for) due to a complete loss of all the sites php code and 98% of the sites custom template & images to match the template. But, No doubt this mod will get a once over to ensure all is in working order, and perhaps eventually a fix for the minor reset calculation time error as I draw closer to re-establishing www.uteoclans.com to it's previous state.

I'm greatly sorry for any inconvience this may have caused anyone, and I would have to say DO NOT use the pre-modded files. I'm not even sure how this mod will react w/ the gold version of phpBB3. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK (I imagine it shouldn't be that risky).
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Re: [RC2] Visitors Today (1.0.4)

Post by Stitch625 »


I am so glad to see you back :D I really love this mod and have been hoping that you would get back to it. Unforunatley I had to uninstall it just about a month ago. This mod seems to really slow the board down once you get up and over 200 members per day. I evaluated this mod with Debug/explain and it was taking up to 8 seconds to query. I don't know if you have some incomplete indexes or what. I know you have a lot to catch up on but I hope you can have a good look at the code to see why it's lagging out my board. It was all fine until my board got real busy.

Welcome Back ;)
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Re: [RC2] Visitors Today (1.0.4)

Post by Puggs »

Hi All

any update on this mod or is it still 1.0.4

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Re: [RC2] Visitors Today (1.0.4)

Post by DragonMaster1 »

Is there an update on this yet?
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Re: [RC2] Visitors Today (1.0.4)

Post by scott_thewspot »

I'm having a go at converting this to use MSSQL, but I would also be keen to know if there has been any further work on this mod at all?

FYI so far, the updated SQL code for MSSQL - just replace [phpbbadmin] with the name of the owner your other tables already have

Code: Select all

if exists (select * from sysobjects where id = object_id(N'[phpbbadmin].[phpbb_visitors_today]') and OBJECTPROPERTY(id, N'IsUserTable') = 1)
drop table [phpbbadmin].[phpbb_visitors_today]

CREATE TABLE [phpbbadmin].[phpbb_visitors_today] (
	[index] [int] IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL ,
	[user_id] [int] NOT NULL ,
	[user_ip] [varchar] (15) NOT NULL ,
	[allow_viewonline] [tinyint] NOT NULL ,
	[last_visit] [int] NOT NULL 
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Re: [RC2] Visitors Today (1.0.4)

Post by newsoftw »

helloo every body...

when i install the Visitor Today mod my forum it's start working seccussfull but when i go to forum Admin and i open the Board Setting so it will give me error...i attach the pic...

plz view the Pic & solve my problem


error is when i open the Board Setting, on the haeder some line show error...

plz any body solve my problem...

thanks in ADVNS
new soft world
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Re: [RC2] Visitors Today (1.0.4)

Post by grka »


has anybody this mod for me? I checked the download page but it is offline it seems :-)

best regards
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Re: [RC2] Visitors Today (1.0.4)

Post by rihan008 »

please someone post the download link. all links are dead.

and from this: http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f= ... 8712219f09 link i could not able to download.
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Re: [RC2] Visitors Today (1.0.4)

Post by RobinAndersson »

This mod neither loads username colours nor the info-popup from the IGN Style Colored Names and AJAX Userinfo Mods respectively. This is apparently because of Visitors Today mod not using the get_user_string in a fashionable way. The other two mods work perfectly together. Just a heads-up..
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Re: [ABD] Visitors Today (1.0.4)

Post by DavidIQ »

Topic marked as abandoned since Anti.Social has not visited in a few months.

Anti.Social if you would like to reclaim this topic please PM a MOD Team member. Thanks.
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