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Re: [DEV] Advanced BBcode box 3

Post by Linda Carter »

leviatan21 wrote:Let me explain something that perhaps you do not know, mod's developers must follow a batch of rules that are imposed by the team develops, one of then is use the phpbb core for ours scripts, if we do what we want, probably this will be a complete mess, so the rules are clear : "do what we want and we will approved your modifications"
Oh, really? Image :)
MOD Description: This MOD adds lots of useful BBCode features and makes the bbcode buttons look just like Microsoft Office. It also improves the functions of phpBB's BBCode function. (...)

The MOD is very fast loading, and is a sleek addition to your phpBB3 board.
My last post contains a request for a feature, from something phpBB by default, doesn't have. Your MOD claims it's improving the BBcode functions. Well, where's that improvement? ;)
Linda Carter wrote:As say the post : ..."if necessary, start a new topic in the support forum with a link to your report. Support team members are able to re-open reports if the issue is in fact a bug."...
Again, if you have problems/bug/error/comment/suggestions with phpBB, ask to the phpBB developers, not a mod author.
I never said this was a bug. I said it was a flaw on phpBB core design. And I also said your MOD is probably not adding this feature (the ability to make the text remain selected when pushing the BBCode button). It's something that you, the MOD author, it's the only person capable of doing, not the phpBB developers, they have no interest on doing this, and if your MOD is replacing BBCode design, then it should have this fixed.

The same applies to all pop-ups being showed when you push the URL button on the BBCode box. It's something that you, the MOD author, have configured on your MOD to be showed. This is the concept of a MOD.
Linda Carter wrote:I am not talking about how good vBulletin or any other free/paid script is, over phpBB. I don't care about them. The "default package" of vBulletin might be just as bad as phpBB. Neither I am asking about phpBB issues.
leviatan21 wrote:No? are you sure? every post you write to me is about how good is VB doing things... :roll:
And you just have proved my point, since your MOD is based on the vbulletin Image Resizer (your own words), something the phpBB developers are too lazy to add into the default core. Something that you were capable of doing. :idea:
leviatan21 wrote:I don't know about mod's developers, In my case ( I explain it before ) I'm not a super programmer, I'm only a simple phpbb user that have my own request, and instead disturb everybody I do my own mods, I start studying php only for build this my own code, and, share it with the rest.

And you?
what do you do?
do you think is easy?
why don't you do something to improve ?
build your own code, and share it with us....
You will notice that is not so easy, it requires time, and a lot of knowledge, then post it, and may be, only may be, you will get some approval from a couple of users, and surely will receive a lot lot lot of critics, and you will feel bad, like me in this moment.
I never said it was easy, only somehow possible, don't put words on my keyboard. I was only making a request, not saying your MOD was good or bad. And if you (or anyone here) can't stand some criticism about your work, then you are in the wrong place. This is a discussion forum. If you expect that everyone finds your MOD/software the best thing in the universe, then you are on the wrong path.

Contrary to what some of you may think, I am not here to criticize everything. I have only one terrible flaw - the desire of seeing things improved. Can you blame me for being obsessed with perfection? :roll:
Linda Carter wrote:Giving users a choice to modify or improve something they don't feel is right (even if most people don't care) is also the whole essence of the MOD Requests area. I think each request or MOD is equally valid.
leviatan21 wrote:As you are finally say, make your improvement or do a request, and please do not come back to my topic again if you do not have anything to say about ABBC3.
Put your glasses, all my requests were made to your MOD. :geek:
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Re: [DEV] Advanced BBcode box 3

Post by leviatan21 »

Bye bye people !
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