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Re: Gender

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Techie-Micheal wrote:Yes, drive people away. Why on earth should I be forced to provide identifying information about myself if I don't want to? I refuse to register for sites that force the use of Facebook login. They don't need access to that information. I refuse to register for sites that force me to provide more information than is necessary to participate. Laugh all you want, but I just gave you an example.
^ This
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Re: Gender

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I dislike this because MODs easily solve that no matter how "recent" they are.

On top most gender selections don't expect a person to have both sexes. Also addressing persons by the language is often misunderstood because of mixing up genus and sexus: when I say "he is right" there is no need that the addressee is male, since "he" in first term refers to "the user".
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Re: Gender

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-1, this is what custom profile fields are designed for.
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Re: Gender

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Sorry, may be I'm stupid person but I cannot understand why a web site where I register to express my opinion has to log my sex... Are male (o female) opinion more important than the counterpart just because one is male and the other is female?
And if some one is not a well defined "male or female" what can he/she fill in that field "Unknown"?

Comeon -1 !

Sorry I don't what to be offensive. But to express an opinion on forums to know the sex is not needed.
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Re: Gender

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Volksdevil wrote:On many forums I've used, I have seen countless examples of replies to posts such as:
"Cheers mate"
Cheers dude"
Thanks bro"
Welcome along man"

When these replies were to Women
This website has a CPF for your name. I put mine in, and still get the "cheers mate" and "thanks bro" comments. If people won't look at the CPF for my name, what makes you think they'll look at what my gender is?

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