Automatically merge double posts
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Re: Automatically merge double posts

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Master_Cylinder wrote:
peopleopinion wrote:
Master_Cylinder wrote:Here you go: Quick-mod tool to merge posts
Thanks for your suggestion. I take note of it, but as I said elsewhere I'm not interested to external mods or external extentions because of a series of related problems I had already explicated. I'm here to argue about new standard features to improve phpbb core.
It's already been explained to you, several times, that just because you think it might be abandoned someday is not a reason to put everything that you want on your forum in the core and there are more problems merging posts than allowing them. :roll:
We are turning around the same argue more and more times: as I already responded I'm here to argue for implementation of new features into the core, not for external modifications. So I will continue to express my opinion about proposals and is not mandatory that our opinion must be the same.
Please explicate why you voted negative or positive, so it will be possible to better understand each one's point of view.
Please visit and vote my website and express freely your opinion on it (phpbb ver.: 3.0.12):
Thanks. Best Regards, peopleopinion.
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