Link text as title instead of as url
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Re: Link text as title instead of as url

Post by Master_Cylinder » Mon May 26, 2014 7:19 pm

AmigoJack wrote:
  1. Don't know why you argue on the URI - I wrote about the title.
  2. Master_Cylinder wrote:linking private forum topics in public
    Permissions can be individual. Your ambiguous words would mean to find the lowest common denominator of everybody's permission and every forum's permission either at post time (disadvantage: permissions can change later) or at print time (disadvantage: performance hit on always looking it up) just to have an indicator of "public". I haven't added my footnote [¹] for fun.
    Master_Cylinder wrote:doesn't always give much away
    That's subjective, even in multiple ways. Like saying "it doesn't always bleed that much".
  3. That's only your opinion. You'd be suprised which of these titles go to [3.0.x] MOD Writers Discussion and which are [3.0.x] MOD Requests:
    • "Watch" under "Who is online"?
    • Editing the style to separate sticky topics from normal ones
    • These two mods
    • Mod to display multiple frames
    • Mod Formel 1
    • Enter id of category in acp
    • Adding AdSense after x post
    • Multiple values for NEQ
1) I didn't "argue on the url" I said the URL doesn't change and that's why it doesn't matter if the subject/title changes afterwards.
2) My comment was about rules not permissions. There would be no multiple lookups to view the magic url. If they don't have permissions they get an error, no big deal.
3) Again, it doesn't matter because all of your examples are better than "viewtopic.php?f=436&t=2200326" which tells the reader NOTHING.
Again, it doesn't have to be perfect to be better.

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