Update Language Packs by ACP

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Update Language Packs by ACP

Post by hubaishan »

It is important to keep language pack updated. Most of language packs updated with a week from new version announcement. So it will be useful to update language packs from ACP and it is important to include Language pack version and targeted phpBB version in the language pack to check if it is up to date or not.
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Re: Update Language Packs by ACP

Post by warmweer »

Not 100% sure but I kind of remember this being presented as an idea a couple of months ago (or perhaps it was a discussion).
Spelling is freeware, which means you can use it for free.
On the other hand, it is not open source, which means you cannot change it or publish it in a modified form.
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Re: Update Language Packs by ACP

Post by tojag »

After logging into ACP, the availability of the latest packet should be automatically checked as it is in the case of the phpBB version information.
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Re: Update Language Packs by ACP

Post by Tarantino »

Would be great a feature where we upload let say the english version of a newer version and when we go to french translation it would show us the variables that are not present on french translation. Or it could show all the variables that had changes on last english version between the version we've and the last version. So we would easely complete a translation.

There are many translations on 3.0 and would be great if we had an easy way to import all the variables to the last english translation and only need to translate the missing ones. And beside that it could mark all the variables that changed between 3.0 and 3.2 for example so we would check the translation to see if we need to revise.

This would be a life saver for translators!
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Re: Update Language Packs by ACP

Post by Ancient Viking »

I know Joomla already use this update method and the same thing also applies for the Joomla software as well.

Works great IMO and I think it would be beneficial for a lot of people, if phpBB also use a similiar system.
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