files verification in board admin panel
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Tue Apr 21, 2020 2:55 pm
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files verification in board admin panel

Post by .m. »

sometimes users have troubles with missing / changed files.

it would be better to have files verification facility within
board admin panel or by using a file from root folder of board

checksums file for supported (or all recent) versions should be
available from phpBB server & checking tool should fetch file
and report missing / changed files

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image from another forum system :


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Re: files verification in board admin panel

Post by EA117 »

For what it's worth, for a while now I've been thinking our best shot at such a feature will come as an inherent part or natural side-effect of replacing the phpBB automatic update system. i.e. Whatever system is going to identify whether a board has modified files (different from the current system which performs a literal diff against pre-composed packages of "files new to this release") for the purposes of the new update system could also be designed and leveraged to provide an on-demand "what is the integrity of the files on my board right now" check even when not about to initiate an update, too.

But although there is interest towards a replacement "one-click update"-type system for phpBB (, ... 26&t=50901), there isn't anything imminent to my knowledge.

Not that this negates the stand-alone idea; I just wanted to also illuminate an additional route towards how we might get that functionality, too.

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