Renaming custom BBCodes in phpBB 3.2

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Renaming custom BBCodes in phpBB 3.2

Post by Electrix »


recently I have run into some BBCode issues with my board, so I decided I'll try to simplify them as much as possible to avoid future conflits. Let me give you one very simple example:


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[center]centered text[/center]
[left]text on left side[/left]
[right]text on right side[/right]

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[align=center]centered text[/align]
[align=left]text on left side[/align]
[align=right]text on right side[/align]
I already know, how to safely make this BBCode (through special keyword CHOICE). The problem is I need to replace tag name in all existing posts on my board (about 1,5 milion). Sometimes not only BBCode, but also its HTML replacement will slightly change. As far as I know, phpBB doesn't provide any renaming mechanism for that. There is a phpbbcli.php interface for reparsing BBCodes, but I think this is not a situation, where I can use it (or is it?).

I've quickly looked up the "posts" table in MySQL. It seems, that simple saved post with [center] tag (field post_text) looks like this:

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<r><CENTER><s>[center]</s>Example centered text<e>[/center]</e></CENTER></r>
Correct me if I'm wrong assuming both BBCode and its HTML replacement are saved in post side by side. That'd mean the best option will be some PHP script, that will search and replace both BBCode and HTML using regular expressions. But what about fields post_checksum, bbcode_bitfield and bbcode_uid - do they also need to be altered in the process? And more importantly, is there for example some syntatic feature I need to be careful about (in more advanced BBCodes)? Is it possible to somehow reuse the phpbb/textreparser classes for this purpose (and avoid reinventing the wheel)?

I already tried searching on this board and found some similar questions. But all of them were quite old and from what i saw the syntax has changed a lot since then.

So, my question is: Where do I start? I'm sure somebody out there faced similar problem in the past. I'll appreciate any help or advice.
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Re: Renaming custom BBCodes in phpBB 3.2

Post by stevemaury »

How about using SQL to replace all instances of [center] with [align=center], etc., and then using CLI to reparse?


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update phpbb_posts set post_text = replace(post_text, '[center]', '[align=center]')
And so on for the other tags.

I would try this on a test database (copy) first.
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