BB Code Request: remove underline from certain links

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BB Code Request: remove underline from certain links

Post by BIABrewer » Sat May 05, 2018 3:59 am

As always, thanks for your past help. I have no idea if the following question is easy to answer. Fingers crossed!

On the new site I'm writing, there are one or two "official" forums that only contain a few topics. They are important topics and, so it all works visually with the rest of the index page, I'd love those topics to:

- show up in the forum description on the index page (done)
- be linkable on the index page (done)
- display without the underline (The bit I can't do! :? )

Hopefully the attached pic will help...


In other words, I'm hoping that some genius here can make a custom BB Code, let's call it "specurl" so that in the forum description, I can just type something like...

[specurl=]An Open Letter to Future, Existing and Past Brewers[/specurl]

Hope I'm not dreaming :)

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