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FcTables iframe embed

Post by colingally » Tue Feb 26, 2019 9:51 am

Hi all, I've tried mutating all kinds of bbcode I've found here with no success.
I would love to have a global post on my forum with a live league table and top scorers for my team's league from fctables.

Here is the embed code they give for the table:

Code: Select all

<iframe frameborder="0"  scrolling="no" width="520" height="700" src="https://www.fctables.com/ireland/airtricity-league/iframe/?type=table&lang_id=2&country=106&template=62&team=&timezone=Europe/Helsinki&time=24&po=1&ma=1&wi=1&dr=1&los=1&gf=1&ga=1&gd=1&pts=1&ng=1&form=1&width=520&height=700&font=Verdana&fs=12&lh=22&bg=FFFFFF&fc=333333&logo=1&tlink=1&ths=1&thb=1&thba=FFFFFF&thc=000000&bc=dddddd&hob=f5f5f5&hobc=ebe7e7&lc=333333&sh=1&hfb=1&hbc=3bafda&hfc=FFFFFF"></iframe><div style="text-align:center;"></div><a href="https://www.fctables.com/ireland/airtricity-league/" rel="nofollow">FcTables.com</a>
Thanks for any help!

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