[DEV] Simple phpBB FAQ

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[DEV] Simple phpBB FAQ

Post by rxu »

Extension Name: Simple phpBB FAQ
Author: rxu

Extension Description: This extension allows plugging custom phpBB-like help files automatically.
Extension Version: 1.0.0 (unslable)

Requirements: phpBB >=3.1.4-RC1 (not released yet :!: )

Development repository: https://github.com/rxu/simplephpbbfaq

Extension Download: Download button named "Download ZIP" can be found at the development repository page.

Installation: Extension files should be extracted to /ext/rxu/simplephpbbfaq/ folder. Then the extension should be enabled in ACP as usually.

Explanation: This extension is designed to automatically plug in phpBB-like (help_faq.php-like ) custom help/FAQ files. Those files have the same format with help_faq.php and can be created either manually or using, f.e., FAQ Manager extension by david63. Tne name should follow the template like help_<custom_name>.php.
Custom help/FAQ files can be placed either in the board's /language/<iso>/ folder or in the extensions's /ext/rxu/simplephpbbfaq/language/<iso>/ folder.
Custom help/FAQ can be used with the URL like /faq.php?mode=<custom_name>.

For example, having custom help file help_myfaq.php, you can access it using board relative URL like /faq.php?mode=myfaq. Note the myfaq postfix which is used to identify the custom help file.

You can set custom help/FAQ page title by creating another language file named like help_<custom_name>_lang.php at the same language folder, containing the language entry like 'HELP_<CUSTOM_NAME>_TITLE', f.e. help_myfaq_lang.php:

Code: Select all

* This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.
* @copyright (c) phpBB Limited <https://www.phpbb.com>
* @license GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
* For full copyright and license information, please see
* the docs/CREDITS.txt file.

if (!defined('IN_PHPBB'))

if (empty($lang) || !is_array($lang))
	$lang = array();

$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
	'HELP_MYFAQ_TITLE'	=> 'My custom FAQ',

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Re: [DEV] Simple phpBB FAQ

Post by Raul [ThE KuKa] »

It's cool... :)
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