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Re: [DEV] Who Visited This Topic

Post by donsenilo » Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:52 pm


In my case I had to change the color of the <h3> to white.
But I can't set the color of <h3> generally because this would change the color of ALL h3-titles.

So I've done this by changing this in "viewtopic_body_footer_before.html" from

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

<h3 class="whovisitedthistopic">{WHOVISITEDTHISTOPIC_TITLE}</h3>
and in "whovisitedthistopic.css" I added

Code: Select all

h3.whovisitedthistopic {
	color: #ffffff;
Maybe it's useful for others and/or can be implemented in the ACP in a following release of this extension.

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Re: [DEV] Who Visited This Topic

Post by max_tre2000 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:35 am

Excellent extension.
it's possible to see the guest number who view the posts and their ip?

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Re: [CDB] Who Visited This Topic

Post by dmzx » Sun Apr 30, 2017 6:36 am

This extension has been validated and released.

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