[3.2][BETA] Rin Editor for phpBB (WYSIWYG Editor) (Powerd by CKEditor)

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Re: [3.2][BETA] Rin Editor for phpBB (WYSIWYG Editor) (Powerd by CKEditor)

Post by J_Sparrow » Sun Sep 29, 2019 11:13 pm

Hi martec, sorry for my bad English, I use the Google translator.
Since I found your extension, I use it in my Forum, without many problems. But now I would need to disable several icons, because I want to use extensions that I like more, or because I don't want them to be used in my Forum.
I would like to remove the YouTube button, I have the phpBB Media Embed PlugIn extension, which is useful for many more links.
I also want to remove the appointment button, I use another extension.
Another one that I want to cancel is the IMGUR button, because it doesn't work correctly, since even if you set up the account, I don't upload the images to my account and I don't know where to save them. Well, if you can correct this, it would not be necessary to remove this button.
I hope you do not mind my requests and if you can tell me how to deactivate the buttons (it is not necessary to remove them, if not only they are not seen and can not be used), I would be grateful.

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