[3.2][BETA] Menu Items (helper ext)

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[3.2][BETA] Menu Items (helper ext)

Post by martti » Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:47 pm

This is a helper extension. It will not do anything unless used by another extension.
You can test it if you also install the "Menu Items Example" extension.

Extension Name: Menu Items (helper ext)

Author: martti

Extension Description: This is a helper extension that can be used by other extensions. It provides to your extension a service where your users (admins of forums) can decide where to put your menu items in the board.

This is done by providing a PHP-event, an ACP service and an ACP template file.
Install additionally the "Menu Items Example" extension to see how the extension can be used. (download link, files to be put in ext/marttiphpbb/menuitemsexample)

Extension Version: 0.1.0

Requirements: phpBB 3.2.x, PHP 7.x

Extension Download: https://github.com/marttiphpbb/phpbb-ex ... master.zip
The files are to be put in ext/marttiphpbb/menuitems

Github repository: https://github.com/marttiphpbb/phpbb-ext-menuitems

Languages: en

Templates: prosilver





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Re: [3.2][BETA] Menu Items (helper ext)

Post by John Rambo » Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:06 am

interesting, I try it on the test forum đź‘Ť

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