[3.2][BETA] CodeMirror (helper ext)

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[3.2][BETA] CodeMirror (helper ext)

Post by martti » Sat May 26, 2018 10:05 am

Extension Name: CodeMirror (helper ext)
Author: martti
Extension Description: This phpBB helper extension provides a basic integration of the CodeMirror code editor for use in the ACP by other extensions. The extension tries to load all required dependencies by inspecting a configuration set in JSON format.
Extension Version: 0.1.1
Requirements: PhpBB 3.2.1+ PHP 7+
Extension Download: https://github.com/marttiphpbb/phpbb-ex ... master.zip The files are to be put in ext/marttiphpbb/codemirror
Github repository: https://github.com/marttiphpbb/phpbb-ext-codemirror
Languages: en
Templates: na, ACP only


For extension Developers: How to use in your extension

ACP controller:

First check if this extension is enabled, then get the service marttiphpbb.codemirror.load. With this service you set the mode (language) of the editor.

Code: Select all

class main_module
	var $u_action;

	function main($id, $mode)
		global $phpbb_container;

		$ext_manager = $phpbb_container->get('ext.manager');
		$template = $phpbb_container->get('template');
		// ...
			case 'your_mode':

				if ($request->is_set_post('submit'))
					// ...


				if ($ext_manager->is_enabled('marttiphpbb/codemirror'))
					$load = $phpbb_container->get('marttiphpbb.codemirror.load');
					$load->set_mode('json'); // or javascript, css, html, php, markdown, etc.		
					'CONTENT'	=> $content,  // retrieve or set somewhere above.
					'U_ACTION'	=> $this->u_action,
ACP Template

Code: Select all

		<textarea name="content" id="content"{{- marttiphpbb_codemirror.data_attr ?? '' -}}>
			{{- CONTENT -}}
When this extension is enabled, the <textarea> will be hidden and instead a CodeMirror instance is shown. Note that the dashes in {{- CONTENT -}} are important. Otherwise unwanted whitespace will be inserted.

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