Fatal Error after turning off board

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Fatal Error after turning off board

Post by wildcatforums » Fri Jun 13, 2008 8:47 pm

I had accidentally deleted my entire forum, and was freaking out because I had just opened my site and had just finished getting my forum together. Luckily, my web host provider does weekly backups, so I downloaded the files and mysql db backups to bring back my forum. So, I just not got it up and running and went into ACP to turn off the board because I was going to work on it a bit more, and after I entered in the message that is displayed when the board is not on, I hit enter.

I received this message:

Fatal error: Not able to open ./../cache/data_global.php in /home/jbuxxnet/public_html/forum/includes/acm/acm_file.php on line 106

What do I do? I do not know of any other problems at the moment, just this one. Can someone help me out here? I need to fix my forum fast, because I paid for an advertising package that ends in two days. Thanks!


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