Cant Edit Post as an Admin

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Cant Edit Post as an Admin

Post by macmac »

Hello everybody! I would really really appreciate if you bright folks can help me how to edit my own post as a Administrator. My Website is ... =gurubashi and i cant seem to Edit my Own post and its really Frustrating me. Is there a Way to do this? Also When People sign up for the first time, You all know that the Forum itself send a Verification Email to Verify if the user is using a valid email But Instead of this going to their INBOX it goes straight to their Spam!!! How do i correct this? again my website is ... =gurubashi please help. Thank You Very Much in advance
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Re: Cant Edit Post as an Admin

Post by ScionCrow »

The first question that pops in my head is why are all the icons like.. stripped from the forum? I see none for some reason.

As for editing your posts, check the permissions to see if it's something there. You may have to look in both the Administrator group and Registered Users group as well to find out what's going on.

And as for the second thing, the email is because of their junk email filter, so you can't do anything about it. You'll have to tell them to allow whatever domain your sending the email from through their filters and such. That's not a forum issue at all really.
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