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Problem receiving emails for a specific domain

Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:44 am
by Grimmjow

I installed the forum, let's say in

I set up the new user registrations to "Administrators".

The admin was registered with , and he didn't receive the email with his login data.

When an user registers also, he doesn't receive the notification email, but other admins who registered with emails or other email domains, they do receive the emails normally.

My question is, could there be a problem when the forum is installed in and the emails must be sent to an <address> ? Otherwise I don't see the reason why he doesn't receive the emails, maybe an anti-spam filter on the mail server?

Thanks for any help

edit: he has the "user management" permissions, since he can log in in the ACP and access the "user and groups" tab