Changing Location of Index Page

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Changing Location of Index Page

Post by sergecorp »

I've searched multiple times and can't seem to find the answer to my question, so here goes.

I installed a second phpbb on my server. This new location is my root/2.0/

What I want to do is switch over from the old program to the new, but still allow people to access it my simply going to the root of my website. I'm trying to avoid placing a refresh/forward code on the index page to forward the user on to the new program.

I know I could simply delete the old board and move the new board into the same location, but I want to keep the old board up for awhile to allow people to refer back to it.

Does anyone know how to do this?
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Re: Changing Location of Index Page

Post by chainprayer »

why not this...

new board = root/
old board = root/old

that way the root index.php is the new board and it keeps your old board if you know the direct path
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Re: Changing Location of Index Page

Post by Phil »

Doing as chainprayer said will probably work. Move your old board's files into an alternate directory and place your phpBB3 board's files in the site's root. Note that you'll have to adjust your phpBB3 board's script path setting and possibly the cookie path in order for the moved board to function properly.
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