My Board Won't Display Until ...

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My Board Won't Display Until ...

Post by wilkc »

... I delete the cache. Then it will display again.

Why is this, and has anyone else experienced the same problem?

To recap: Last two days my board wouldn't display. I go to the URL and the page load display "done" but nothing at all displays. I uploaded the php files normally found at the root directory (index.php, etc.) of the board, but no sub-folders or files. Still, nothing displayed.

Then, by accident, I decided to delete all the files from the cache folder using my FTP program. I refreshed the URL and the board only then displayed.

Is this normal?
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Re: My Board Won't Display Until ...

Post by SamG »

I personally don't consider it normal, but it isn't unheard of, either. It seems to be a symptom of a problem or problems as yet unidentified.
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Re: My Board Won't Display Until ...

Post by Brf »

That might happen if you have Write access to the cache folder, but not Delete access. That is a common problem if you might be on a Windows server.

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