How can i do to edit database in setup??

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How can i do to edit database in setup??

Post by anacleto » Tue Aug 12, 2008 3:25 pm

How can i do to edit database in MS SQL SERVER 2000 ??
normaly, in setup my phpbb3 ll be installed in database 'forum' and login and password in phpbb_users
in columns:
user_id (primary Key) int 4 (nulls no select),
user id int 4 nulls no select,
user_type int 4 (nulls no select),
username varchar 255 (nulls no select),
user_passwords varchar 40 (nulls no select)
etc. etc..

but i want it in my install setup:
database MuOnline (it s easy, simple),

and columns of login and passwords and table 'Memb_Info'


mem__id (prymary key) nvarchar 10 (nulls no select),

memb_pwd nvarchar 10 (Nulls no select),

Memb_name nvarchar 10 (Nulss no select),
etc. etc.

and toghter put the others columns of table phpb_users in table MEMB_INFO.

is it possible ? if yes,
how can i do ?
if no, why ?
is it possible after run install/setup or before ?


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Re: How can i do to edit database in setup??

Post by jimdunn » Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:30 pm

Can you explain why ?
There may be easier ways to do what you are trying to achieve.


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