Inserting a blank row for advertisment

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Inserting a blank row for advertisment

Post by mp04 »

Hey, Does anyone here know how I can insert a blank row in a forum for a banner ad? Basically right now, the banner ad shows up after the first post and after every other post as its meant to, but when showing up, it leave a gap between each row in a table. I want it so that its in a row like any other normal post. so basically where it shows the user name it will say Advertisement Bot, where it says the topic title, it will say advertisement, and finally where your main content will go it will display the ad there.

Now of course the user and topic will be manually entered. (I dont accept it to be entered by a bot or something)

any one know how to do this easy? I am using RedSiliver as my template based off SubSiliver if anyone knows the codes for this.

Let me know.
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Inserting a blank row for advertisment

Post by ChrisRLG »

As this is a question about a MOD, you will have to ask where you obtained that MOD, if from it needs to be in that aauthors topic for that MOD.

This support room is for the standard install of the software.

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