Upgrading 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2 ACP and MCP errors.

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Upgrading 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2 ACP and MCP errors.

Post by noahhurst »

Your board's URL: http://www.armedandhammered.org/ra/
Version of phpBB3: 3.0.2
Was this a fresh install or a(n) update/upgrade/conversion (please be specific)?
I did a fresh install, but I am trying to bring data in from an older forum. The forum I am moving from wass 3.0.1. 5-6 months ago I upgraded it from 2.x.x.
Did you use an automated wizard provided by your host to install phpBB? no
MODs you have installed: none
When the problem started: After I tried to bring the data from the old 3.0.1 forums over.
Your level of expertise (be honest): slightly above beginner.

Situation: Updated forms from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2. The data shows and we can go in and make new posts, however, the Moderator Control Panel and the Admin Control Panel no longer work.

I click the link to go to one of the panels and I get this:
"To administer the board you must re-authenticate yourself."

I enter the username and password and get a...

You have successfully authenticated and will now be redirected to the Administration Control Panel.

Then I get...

General Error
Module not accessible

Any ideas? Sorry, I don't have a lot of experience with these boards/forums.
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Re: Upgrading 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2 ACP and MCP errors.

Post by CTCNetwork »


Have you checked through this:
3.0.1 to 3.0.2 bug Topic...

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